Frequently Asked Questions

What are Terpenes?2020-03-05T09:51:57+13:00

Terpenes are the highly medicinal molecules extracted form essential oils. The essential oil of a plant is made up of 80% terpenes. Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons… Read more.

Why are Terpenes helpful for me?2020-03-05T09:52:40+13:00

Research in the United States and Canada has found that terpenes provide powerful health benefits. Humans have been using herbal remedies and essential oils which contain a large variety of terpenes throughout history. Terpenes are also inhaled and felt when we walk in a forest or garden after rain or a thunderstorm or stand beside the ocean.

Many people have reduced the amount of time spent outdoors or in nature and live mostly indoors. This may cause an imbalances in our health. Terpenes are a way of addressing the imbalance and bring back feeling of calm and wellness.

As an example, Humulene – a terpene found in Hops and Ginger, has been shown to be good for inflammation and helping people get to sleep. Therefore, it can be found in our Anti Inflammation blend as well as our Sleeper Blend.

We combine specific terpenes together to create a potent natural therapy.

What is MCT Coconut Oil?2020-03-05T09:53:46+13:00

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. It is derived from coconuts as the name suggests, but does not become solid at colder temperatures. Due to their shorter length, MCT C8 and C10 are easily digested. Many health benefits are linked to the way your body processes these fats:

Instant source of energy to fuel your brain promotes healthy weight loss, could help manage Epilepsy, Autism and Alzheimer’s contains powerful fatty acids that fight bacteria and yeast growth may help control blood sugar levels

Why are there cannabis leaves on your logo?2020-03-05T09:55:20+13:00

Medical cannabis research around the world has led us into learning about the power of terpenes as a medicinal product. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes and has been known to help with many illnesses. Therefore, we give homage to the cannabis plant for the part it has played in helping us learn about the incredible healing effects of terpenes.

Is there any Cannabis/Hemp in your products?2020-03-05T09:55:50+13:00

No. Our products are derived from plants OTHER than cannabis/hemp. For instance, humulene can be found in cannabis or ginger. Our humulene is sourced from ginger. Yet both humulene from cannabis and humulene from ginger are the same terpene.

Will I pass a drug test?2020-03-05T09:56:10+13:00

Yes, you will pass a drug test as there is no cannabis/hemp in our products. If you breathed in the terpene linalool (a terpene) from smelling a lavender plant you would not fail a drug test. Therefore if you use the linalool in our products which are derived from lavender, you will also not fail a drug test.

How do I use this product?2020-03-05T09:56:46+13:00

There are several ways to take this product, which all involve getting it into your bloodstream as fast as possible. The idea is to replicate nature, the normal process we get terpenes into the system is by breathing in the terpenes produced by plants. This is then taken up by the capillaries in the lungs, which take them through the bloodstream into the brain.

1. Drop a dose under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds. By this time, the oil should be mostly gone into the bloodstream for a fast and easy method.

2. Rub a dose between your palms until warm, hold hands to your nose and mouth and breath in a few deep breaths.

3. Vaporize our product at a very low temperature for the fastest results. MCT coconut oil burns at a lower temperature than other vape juices, so make sure to use a vaporizer that doesn’t burn your greenman product.

How much should I take at once?2020-03-05T09:57:13+13:00

We recommend to start at a dose size of .5ml for an adult and .25ml for a child. If you have severe symptoms such as 9-10/10 pain, we recomend to take a higher dose. The best part is that we are yet to discover any negative side effects, so taking a little more is not going to have the kind of effects you find with modern medicine.

How long does it last?2020-03-05T09:57:57+13:00

One average dose lasts between 4-5 hours. If you have severe symptoms, we recommend you top up again after 4-5 hours. Our product also has an accumulative effect, so you may find you don’t have to take it as often as your symptoms start to reduce long term.

Is it safe for children?2020-03-05T09:58:18+13:00

Yes, our ingredients are safe for children but should be taken with caution if you you have any allergies. In fact, children respond the best to our products. We get incredible testimonials on the regular from children and adults alike!

Is it safe for pets?2020-03-05T09:58:51+13:00

Animals breath in terepenes too! Our pets are used to living in the wild, running free in a world packed full of terepenes, take that away and even animals will suffer. Our products can be used safely on animals to bring them back to their peak!

Does your product clash with medication?2020-03-05T09:59:33+13:00

No, our products do not clash with medication. If you can go out into nature and breath in terepenes without clashing with your medication, our products will not clash either. What you need to watch out for though, is that our products tend to work so well that you might find your medication is now overcompensating. Therefore it might be time to start tapering off the medication. Of course, consult with your health care professional before tapering off any medication.

Can I use more than one of your products at once?2020-03-05T10:00:05+13:00

Absolutely! Our products combine together beautifully, it is common for people to use 3, 4 even 5 of our products daily. As some of the terpenes overlap in our products, you may find you don’t need as much of each. This helps them last longer so does not necessarily cost you more in the long run.

How do I store the products?2020-03-05T10:00:29+13:00

To increase lifespan of our products we recommend to keep them in the fridge. This will give them a shelf life of at least one year.

Is it safe to vape?2020-03-05T10:00:53+13:00

We have two lines of products, one which is designed for multi use but can be vaped at low temperatures and on that is made specifically for vapes. The multi use mct version MUST be vaporized at a low temperature (Up to 60 degrees). Our vape products can be smoked at higher temperatures.


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