All testimonies are people’s personal experiences with our products and the benefits differ from person to person. Try these amazing products for yourself to see how they can work for you or contact us for more information.

Changing hearts and minds

Ella is a 12 year old whose hand had clawed with no sensation for five weeks, doctors said there was nothing they could do. Three weeks after using Anti inflammation and anti anxiety she has full use now.

Mum and Grandma Kylie and Carol also use pain management eliminating restless leg and old injury pain, helping them sleep at night

Works fast!

The anti anxiety product took away all Anxiety about being in a crowded room within 30 minutes.

Very painful spinal pain from standing on concrete was much better after 20 minutes.

Greenman works for Children

Young people with special needs or disabilities are finding great relief.

Severe migraines 4-5 times a week caused vomiting and time away from school. After 3 weeks of using 2-3 drops on his wrists and breathing it in now is migraine free with no vomiting. He now acts like a lovely bubbly different kid!

Amber is a practitioner working with children and people with chronic pain from surgery

Lydia has Lupus which causes pain in her in wrists and ankles. After only a couple drops of Greenmans anti-inflammation the pain was GONE!

Thank you so much I have had the best night sleep that I’ve had in years.

Just normal people

Jasmin loves the energiser product making being a dairy farmer a bit easier.

Julie, has pain in her hip and leg and uses the anti inflammation which “really helps”.

She also uses some of our other products which she says are “all amazing!”