Research in the United States and Canada has found that terpenes provide powerful health benefits. Humans have been using herbal remedies and essential oils which contain a large variety of terpenes throughout history. Terpenes are also inhaled and felt when we walk in a forest or garden after rain or a thunderstorm or stand beside the ocean.

Many people have reduced the amount of time spent outdoors or in nature and live mostly indoors. This may cause an imbalances in our health. Terpenes are a way of addressing the imbalance and bring back feeling of calm and wellness.

As an example, Humulene – a terpene found in Hops and Ginger, has been shown to be good for inflammation and helping people get to sleep. Therefore, it can be found in our Anti Inflammation blend as well as our Sleeper Blend.

We combine specific terpenes together to create a potent natural therapy.